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This morning bought an email from ASif, the Australian speculative fiction review site. They're doing a recommended reading list in the Locus fashion and were offering me the chance to participate, which is very nice, really. I mean, who doesn't like being asked to participate?...

You scored as English. You should be an English major! Your passion lies in writing and expressing yourself creatively, and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that interest of yours!English92%Art83%Journalism83%Sociology83%Dance67%Anthropology67%Theater67%Linguistics67%Psychology50%Philosophy50%Mathematics33%Biology25%Chemistry17%Engineering8%What is your Perfect Major?created with

A while back, I said that King Kong would never justify its obscene 280 million dollar price tag, and I would like to say, just before I get into the film, that I was right. King Kong is a difficult film to get through. It's...