In Print: A Picture of Books

Today a box of Leviathan Blood arrived from my US published. The print edition that I kept – I got one last week, but sent it to a friend – managed to push out my shelf of own stuff, so I had to rearrange it. This is it, before, all lined up. Every bit of […]



Punching Down: Australia’s Political Class and Asylum Seekers.

  Right now, in Australia, an election is taking place. It is said to be one of Australia’s longest campaigns, coming in at a whole eight weeks. My girlfriend, who is American, thinks that is quite cute of Australia, to have such a ‘long’ campaign, but regardless, this post is about that. If you have […]

The Lament of Leviathan’s Blood (aka, The Author Visits Australia Post)

  Int. A small post office in a small shopping mall. A counter with three employees. A pair of scales. A poster for passport photos. The author, an impossible to describe handsome type (the kind that would make Lovecraft squirm in delight) enters with a box of envelopes. They are signed copies of Leviathan’s Blood […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Or, Ways to Read The Godless and Leviathan’s Blood.

When I was a kid, I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books. I don’t know what, exactly, my fascination was. They were by and large speculative fiction, but not great SF, and they were written in an ordinary, characterless second person. ‘You open the door,’ they would say. ‘You fall down the well.’ But I […]


The Hugos. The Trolls. The Exhaustion.

The Hugo nominations have been announced. Once again, they are dominated by a slate of nominations from ‘conservative’ SF fans, the Sad and Rabid Puppies. The latter were, it appears, much more successful this year than the former. 64 of the 81 nominations coincide with that slate. Others do appear on the Sad Puppies, however. […]

Giveaways for the Godless and Leviathan’s Blood. 1

  Just a quick heads up about some giveaways I’m running on Goodreads. I’m giving away paperbacks, hardcovers, and signed hardcovers for my two fantasy novels, The Godless, and Leviathan’s Blood. You do, sadly, need an account on Goodreads to enter, but I’m trying it out, to see if it makes for a nice way […]


Want to be a Writer? Courses, Workshops, and School

  Imagine that you are empty.   That’s how you should begin to think of yourself at the start of your career as an author. You won’t, but it is how you should. I certainly didn’t think of myself as being empty, twenty odd years ago. I thought I was well read, I thought I […]

Leviathan’s Blood Soundtrack

I made a soundtrack for The Godless last year for fun. It wasn’t professional, or full of music I made – Andrew Macrae’s Trucksong is a brilliant example of that – but I enjoyed making it and so I made one for Leviathan’s Blood. The soundtrack works just like it did in The Godless: one piece […]

Leviathan's Blood HB full cover

Leviathan’s Blood Released! 1

Yes, it’s true. Leviathan’s Blood has been released! You should buy it. You should review it. You should tell your friends about it. Perhaps even your enemies. I’m pretty happy with it, myself. It’s the middle of the trilogy, the Empire of the Children Trilogy, and there are things in this book that I am […]