Mad Max: Fury Road

  Went and saw George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road last week. A film, really, that is deserving to see in a cinema. It’s a big, beautiful spectacle. It has a few flaws, the primarily being what I consider a sin of plot, in which the characters go one way, only to decide at the […]

The Lost Years of Epic Fantasy

  When I was eighteen, I stopped reading epic fantasy for a while. It was Robert Jordan’s fault, if you must know. I had just finished my final exams at High School in my own, lackluster fashion, and I had planned to sit around and read a few books over the following months, before the […]

Leviathan’s Blood 1

  I finished edits on Leviathan’s Blood last week and turned it in. The new release date, for those of you keeping up, with be February next year. There will likely be a few tweaks here and there, but as it stands, I think it’s pretty cool. It is around 175k in length, and I […]

Authors Against Literary (or, Authors Who Make You Sad)

  I decided that I wanted to be an author early on in life. Before that, I had wanted to be an artist. Before that, an inventor. I was most likely meant to move on to something respectable like musician or puppeteer after author, but I never did. I didn’t meet an author until much […]

Somewhere in April

  At the end of the Hugo debate – should there be an end – one thing will be true: and that is that speculative fiction will have failed in a truly spectacular way in regards to equality. As a genre, what has emerged in the wake of Sad Puppies has reflected very poorly on […]

A Casual Letter to My Enemy About Awards 1

  Ah, Bill. May I call you Bill, now? Now that I have defeated you and your fine fanzine, may I be allowed this sense of informality between us? I sit here with cognac and I toast to you, sir, for I have done it. I have defeated you. Last night, in Perth, The Godless […]

The Quiet and Adaptions

  A few weeks ago, maybe a month, I read John le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for the first time. I have read other le Carre and liked them, but it had been a while, and we had this in the house, and I had always meant to read it. I’d seen both the […]

Pratchett and Books and Floors

  I missed a blog post last week, but there was little I could do about it. We replaced the floors in the bedroom and offices and moving all the furniture and, well, shit that we (mostly I) have accumulated took a whole lot of time. I thought I might be able to write while […]

The Finite Number of Books You Can Read 2

  Before last year ended, before this year began, before it became March, of all things, my girlfriend and I sat around and talked about the number of books you could read in your life. Yes, we’re that kind of people. Anyhow: it was a simple proposition. First, you work out how many books on […]

Ditmars 2015 (#VoteNotPeek) 5

  To My Most Trusted Enemy, Bill Wright. It has been some time since I last wrote you. In that time, dynasties have fallen and empires have begun to crumble. Even in our own small country, so isolated in the world, we have not been immune to such a violent global mood. We have been […]