The Day of The–

  Once upon a time, I blogged every day of the week. It was partly a way to keep writing daily and partly an attempt to build an audience for my fiction. To varying degrees, I did both. I managed it for a number of years until I fell out of it for all the […]


Black Cat Enterprises

  On Friday, the girlfriend and I adopted two black cats, around eleven months old each. Before we left for London we agreed that, upon our return, we would take in a new cat, and these two, brother and sister, came as a pair from the rescue shelter. They are both settling in well, and […]

London, Returned

  I got back from London on Friday, but having managed to board the flight with a cold that was only made worse over the next twenty four or so hours of travel, I spent the next three days sleeping and eating drugs. But it’s Monday now, and I feel a semblance of normality, and […]


LonCon (and London)

  Tomorrow, I get on a plane, and I begin the long flight to London, where I will be at LonCon, and London. Somewhere during this, a book of mine will be released. I hope you all buy it. My schedule at LonCon will look like this: Thursday. 12.30 to 1.30: Worldbuilding Panel. Capital Suite […]

The Resurrection of William Holden

  Infamously, when the Wild Bunch was first sceened, a critic rose up afterwards and said, ‘Why was this film made?’ The fate of the film was anything but oblivion, fortunately, because I love it; but I also like that story and I cannot stop myself from sharing it here to begin with. It is […]

Interview, Interview, Article.

  In just under three weeks, the Godless will be released in the UK (four weeks for the US). Because of that, two interviews were released with me this week. The first, with David Barnett, is on, and comes with a psychedlic koala. As a small rundown of things I talk about, there are […]

Verflucht: Ära der Götter (or, The Godless in Germany)

  The Godless, known as Verflucht: Ära der Götter in German, has been released, a full month in Germany before the British edition (and a month and a week before the American). As can be seen by the image I nicked off German Amazon, you can ever read the inside of it, assuming you speak […]

The Godless: Samples, Reviews, Interviews

  The Godless is beginning to appear in the world. It isn’t released until August, but photos of ARCs are appearing on twitter (Warren Ellis even has one), samples are appearing for people to read, and there are interviews and even reviews. Well, just one at the moment, but it is the Publishers Weekly review. […]

The Start of a Book

  Today, I return to writing. Two weeks ago, I finished Leviathan’s Blood, and sent it off to my agent, my editor, and my test readers, and then I went and found a hole, and buried myself in it. The final three months of the book had been fairly intense, and I needed time to […]