Leviathan’s Blood Full Cover (Plus, News)

  Above is the very slick, very cool full cover for Leviathan’s Blood. It’ll be published in the UK (and surrounding colonies) on April 7th. The US edition (which also has this nice cover) will be published on May 31st. In Germany, it will be published on May 2nd. Feel free to pre-order the editions […]

Leviathan's Blood HB full cover

Leviathan’s Blood Cover Reveal

Nice, hey? This is the UK version of the cover. I’ll show the US one when it is released, but if you want to know more, there is a blog post over at TorUK that you can read, which has a bit more detail. You can also pre-order the book if you are so inclined […]

Part Three

  There are other pieces that come before this. It begins on the Writer and the Critic, Kirstyn McDermott’s and Ian Mond’s long running podcast about books, where they discussed the representation of women in fiction, in part brought on by an article on Jezebel. Rjurik Davidson, the author of Unwrapped Sky, and critic and […]

A Year On: Books, Futures, Presents, and Your Help

  Has it really been a year? I had copies of The Godless, but I think it was a week or two before the book seemed to be everywhere, burning swords and all. It is close enough, at any rate. A year has come and gone. Six months before that, Dead Americans and Other Stories […]

The Godless Soundtrack

  Last week I would make a soundtrack for the Godless. I’m not sure why – but I did, and you’ll have to suffer it. The Godless, if you haven’t read it, has three points of view. For most of the book, each of the three main character appears in one of named chapters, their […]

The Art of Rejection

  When I started writing, long ago now, one of the first pieces of advice given to me was never to take rejection personally. It wasn’t bad advice, but of course, I took it personally. I mean, how could I not? Someone had turned down a piece that I had worked on. It was me. […]

Coetzee’s Three Stories, Money for Boats, and Snowpiercer 1

  Yesterday, I read a tiny collection by J.M. Coetzee called Three Stories. It was put out by an independent press in Australia, Text, who also did his last novel, The Childhood of Jesus, in 2013. I have a weakness of nice looking books, books that are objects, and Three Stories is a cute little […]

Where You Want to Burn a Name

  Last week on facebook I posted a small excerpt from the Eternal Kingdom on it: ‘How long have you been a soldier?’ he asked. ‘A few months?’ Isaap offer a wry smile. ‘Just over a year, I guess. I was given a posting last spring. First Talon.’ ‘What were you before?’ ‘Rich.’ ‘And you […]

The Gemmell Awards

  It appears that the Godless has picked up a nomination for a Morningstar in the David Gemmell Awards. The Morningstar is for best first fantasy novel, in case you’re curious. The Gemmells are a big popular vote award, so, thank you for everyone who liked the Godless and voted for it. When a book comes […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

  Went and saw George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road last week. A film, really, that is deserving to see in a cinema. It’s a big, beautiful spectacle. It has a few flaws, the primarily being what I consider a sin of plot, in which the characters go one way, only to decide at the […]