A Review, A Commentary

  Here’s a review of The Godless: I must admit that this has been one of my most enjoyable, refreshing reads for 2014. I loved the premise, and in general the concepts behind the writing. It could just be me bringing my own biases into the reading, but I took a lot of parallels between Peek’s post-Gods […]

Birthdays and Books

  For my birthday, my girlfriend gave me slipcased, hardcover copies of Fritz Leiber’s Rime Isle and Heroes and Horrors. Both were printed in the late 70s by Whispers Press and were illustrated by Tim Kirk – both very cool, and continue my slow collection of Leiber books by presses long gone. Whispers Press was […]

The Grand Australian Show

  Last night, I got out of bed, and glanced down to find two black cats asleep on the covers, tail to tail. In the dark, they looked like an ink blot, a test that would describe my sanity to another. *** I finally listened to the latest episode of the Coode Street about the […]

The Disenfranchised and Angry

  Last week, an eighteen year old Afghani Muslim kid – some reports say he was but seventeen – in Melbourne was shot dead by the Police. The local cops and the federals had called him in to answer for his behaviour. He had been seen with an IS flag, and had reportedly said things […]

Our Man in Havana and Other Such Things

  During the week I saw this quote from Richard Deniss. “It’s meaningless to say the debt might be a bit higher in 30 years’ time,” he said. “If the government really was worried about long-term problems, you’d think they’d be worried about climate change, and yet they downplay that.” *** I watched Carol Reed’s Our […]

The Day of The–

  Once upon a time, I blogged every day of the week. It was partly a way to keep writing daily and partly an attempt to build an audience for my fiction. To varying degrees, I did both. I managed it for a number of years until I fell out of it for all the […]

Black Cat Enterprises

  On Friday, the girlfriend and I adopted two black cats, around eleven months old each. Before we left for London we agreed that, upon our return, we would take in a new cat, and these two, brother and sister, came as a pair from the rescue shelter. They are both settling in well, and […]



London, Returned

  I got back from London on Friday, but having managed to board the flight with a cold that was only made worse over the next twenty four or so hours of travel, I spent the next three days sleeping and eating drugs. But it’s Monday now, and I feel a semblance of normality, and […]

LonCon (and London)

  Tomorrow, I get on a plane, and I begin the long flight to London, where I will be at LonCon, and London. Somewhere during this, a book of mine will be released. I hope you all buy it. My schedule at LonCon will look like this: Thursday. 12.30 to 1.30: Worldbuilding Panel. Capital Suite […]