Interview, Interview, Article.

  In just under three weeks, the Godless will be released in the UK (four weeks for the US). Because of that, two interviews were released with me this week. The first, with David Barnett, is on, and comes with a psychedlic koala. As a small rundown of things I talk about, there are […]

Verflucht: Ära der Götter (or, The Godless in Germany)

  The Godless, known as Verflucht: Ära der Götter in German, has been released, a full month in Germany before the British edition (and a month and a week before the American). As can be seen by the image I nicked off German Amazon, you can ever read the inside of it, assuming you speak […]

The Godless: Samples, Reviews, Interviews 1

  The Godless is beginning to appear in the world. It isn’t released until August, but photos of ARCs are appearing on twitter (Warren Ellis even has one), samples are appearing for people to read, and there are interviews and even reviews. Well, just one at the moment, but it is the Publishers Weekly review. […]

The Start of a Book

  Today, I return to writing. Two weeks ago, I finished Leviathan’s Blood, and sent it off to my agent, my editor, and my test readers, and then I went and found a hole, and buried myself in it. The final three months of the book had been fairly intense, and I needed time to […]

The Godless ARC

ARCs of the Godless have arrived in the UK and here, for your viewing pleasure, is a man clearly not me reading it. It is released on August 14th, but I imagine we’ll start hearing some advance opinions about it in a couple of months, at which point, you will all be spammed with whatever […]

The Godless US cover

  And, as if I could raise a curtain and reveal it to you, the US cover of the Godless.   Pretty cool, hey? The Godless will be released in 99 days, or something close. I, meanwhile, will be finishing Leviathan’s Blood in the next week and a half. Teaching is done, now, so no […]

Dead Americans: Largehearted Boy Book Notes

  I wrote a Book Notes post for Largehearted Boy which you should read. It is about the Dead Americans Soundtrack, and includes a spotify playlist, for all of you who wish to have a spotify playlist. Follow the link, buy the book, and so on and so forth. (Yes, I know, a short post, […]

Dead Americans, Behind the Scenes and the Godless Maps

  Just a quick update before I return to the end of this book: I wrote a piece for Upcoming4Me about Dead Americans and Other Stories that you can read here. The Book Depository is selling Dead Americans for fifty percent off, which means, if you’re in Australia, you can get it for sixteen bucks. […]

Unwrapped Sky – Rjurik Davidson

  Today is the release of Rjurik Davidson’s Unwrapped Sky in the UK. It’s a excellent novel, one that I think a lot of people will enjoy, and I recommend. In fact, I thought that so much that I actually gave a blurb for it, which may or may not appear on the book (it […]

Dead Americans Soundtrack and Storynotes: theleeharveyoswaldband

The Annadale was a real venue, alongside Parramatta Road, and I saw a lot of bands in there cheaply. My friends lived near it, which is probably what set it immediately apart from other venues in Sydney, but I remember it fondly, regardless. I remember the International Noise Conspiracy gig we went to once where […]