The Year in Review, Again

  Over the last few years, I have noticed that I struggle to read, watch, or hear anything in a timely manner, anymore. I used to, but now, nah. I gave up even pretending years ago. With that said, what follows is a mix of things I’ve enjoyed through the year. Maybe some of them […]

A Year in Review

  I usually try to post on a Monday, but yesterday was a bit busy. My partner and I were out at my grandparents place: we were donating the last of their stuff to an organisation called Bowers and we had a few things to clean up before that. It wasn’t until around lunch that […]

Star Wars

  When I was a kid, I loved Star Wars. I don’t remember how old I was when I first saw it, but I know that my parents taped it off the TV for me while I slept, and cut the commercials out. As if that illegal behaviour of parenting wasn’t enough, my father, when […]

The Rape Narrative

  I came across a discussion earlier about rape in fantasy fiction and how prominent it has become. I couldn’t tell you if it was more, or less than another genre, but it is certainly there. Depending on the skill of the author, it is done both poorly and well. Personally, I suspect that rape […]

  Australia hosted the G20 over the weekend. It was a strange, surreal experience. There were protestors of the G20, of course, but it almost felt like the G20 were protesting Australia, or more importantly, the Australian Government. It was strange, really, really strange – but sadly, quite necessary. After all, it was our Prime […]

Keith Stevenson’s Horizon – Stormy Weather: Facing Down Climate Change

    I’d like to thank Ben for giving over some space on his blog for the Horizon Blog Tour. Horizon is my debut science fiction novel published by Voyager Impulse. It’s an SF thriller centred on a deep space exploration mission that goes very wrong, with repercussions for the future of all life on […]

Thoughts On Constantine

  I watched the first episode of Constantine last night and, well, it wasn’t very good. In terms of look, Matt Ryan wasn’t too bad as John Constantine, but the script did nothing to capture the cynicism or sense that Constantine knew everything, that he had the upper hand, no matter what. It seemed to […]

Retro Cool No Disease (and Free Fiction)

  On the weekend, my partner and I drove up to the Entrace for my cousin’s wedding. It’s an hour and half out of Sydney, so nothing huge in terms of travel. But at the same time the wedding was taking place, a fifties festival was taking place in the surrounding streets and beside the […]

A Review, A Commentary

  Here’s a review of The Godless: I must admit that this has been one of my most enjoyable, refreshing reads for 2014. I loved the premise, and in general the concepts behind the writing. It could just be me bringing my own biases into the reading, but I took a lot of parallels between Peek’s post-Gods […]

Birthdays and Books

  For my birthday, my girlfriend gave me slipcased, hardcover copies of Fritz Leiber’s Rime Isle and Heroes and Horrors. Both were printed in the late 70s by Whispers Press and were illustrated by Tim Kirk – both very cool, and continue my slow collection of Leiber books by presses long gone. Whispers Press was […]